Early detection of lung atrophy can lead to a cure of severe diseases

Many cases of lung atrophy can be cured during rest, yet some can get worse out of the blue without any symptoms appearing. On top of it, some severe diseases result from lung atrophy.
This powerful software can automatically measure the area of air containing region in the chest cavity and make it easier for doctors to detect the patients' lung atrophy regardless whether the patient notices symptoms. The shorter the disease has had to progress, the easier it’ll be to treat and the better the outcome will be for the patient.

Automatic measurement software results in an increase in accuracy of medical follow-up

On a clinical site, detecting lung atrophy is conducted and measured by a manpower, which occurs human errors.
This automated measurement software is designed to improve an accuracy in comparing with previous images.

featuresIdentify and measure the area of air contents in the chest cavity

EIRL Chest Metry is designed to measure the area of air containing region in the chest cavity from chest X-ray images and display the region of interest with an edge-based segmentation.


Basic Info

Product NameMedical Image Analysis Software, EIRL Chest Metry
Certification Number302AGBZX00101000


ModalityCR or DX
Projection, DimensionChest PA or AP, Over 1,024 x 1,024 pixel

Available Modalities and PACS

PACSFUJIFILM Corporation, Nobori Ltd., Canon Medical Systems Corporation, Philips Japan, Ltd., PSP Corporation and other
ModalityFUJIFILM Corporation, KONICA MINOLTA, INC., Canon Medical Systems Corporation and other


How fast is the measurement speed per image?

After receiving an image from PACS or modalities, it takes less than 60 moments to send the result back to PACS.
Once the storage in PACS is completed, you can check the result on your devices,

Can I see a demonstration?

Yes. Please go visit the home page of our website and resister from “Free Trial” so that you can see a demonstration online.