Transforming manual measurements into quantitative calculations


Radiographic findings identified in patients with normal pressure hyrdrocephalus (NPH) are measured manually, despite the fact that there are diagnostic guidelines available for the disease. However, manual measurements are subject to variability among doctors, making it difficult to track the progress of the disease.

The Japan Brain Dock Society has made white matter hyperintensity grading a mandatory component. These measurements are often subjective, and often lead to substantial variability among doctors.


EIRL Brain Metry can provide consistent, automatic measurements for parameters that are subject to quantitative evaluation or variability among doctors, including the Evans index, Callosal angle, and white matter hyperintensities.


Measurements for White Matter Hyperintensities

EIRL Brain Metry will segment the white matter hyperintensities and calculate the total volume. EIRL Brain Metry will then assign a score based on periventricular hyperintensities (PVH) and deep and subcortical white matter hyperintensities (DSWMH).

Automatic Measurements for the Evans index

EIRL Brain Metry will select the most appropriate slice from the exam and segment the cerebrum and lateral ventricles to calculate the Evans index.

Automatic Measurements for the Callosal angle

EIRL Brain Metry will select the most appropriate slice from the exam, segment the lateral ventricles and identify the corpus callosum to calculate the Callosal angle.

*Image of the analysis results


Basic Info

Product NameMedical Image Analysis Software EIRL Brain Metry
Certification Number230AGBZX00107Z00


Magnetic Strength1.5 or 3.0T
Imaging RequirementsWhite matter hyperintensity: Axial FLAIR
Evans index: Axial FLAIR or T2
Callosal Angle: Coronal T1

Available Modalities and PACS

PACSFujifilm, NOBORI, PSP and more

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grading feature based on?

The grading feature is based on a unique 5-level evaluation system that has been pre-set for both the PVH and DSWMH.