June 21, 2019 News

Tokyo, Japan – June 20, 2019 – LPIXEL Inc., a leader in image analysis and processing in life science and medical research, announced today that its Chief Executive Officer, Yuki Shimahara, spoke this week at the New Economy Summit 2019 (NEST), a global conference hosted by the Japan Association of New Economy (JANE). Shimahara spoke on the topic of “Medicine × AI – Possibilities and challenges in the application of AI in medicine.” During the panel, Shimahara introduced LPIXEL’s medical image diagnostic support technologies together with its plans for future expansion. Shimahara was joined by Puneet Batra, the Associate Director of Machine Learning, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and Seigo Hara, physician and Founder of MICIN, to discuss the possibility of AI in the medical field.


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Founded in March 2014, LPIXEL is a University of Tokyo spin-off that hones its expertise in life science image analysis. LPIXEL unifies artificial intelligence and its image analysis technologies to develop and provide advanced software for researchers and professionals in the life science industry, including the medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors. LPIXEL is currently working in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, the National Cancer Center Japan and other research institutions to further the development of its AI-powered medical diagnosis technology. For more information, please click herehere.


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